Tom Wujec
Chief Disruptor at Autodesk

As Chief Disruptor at Autodesk—the Oscar-winning industry leader in 3D computer animation technology, and one of the world’s largest software companies—Wujec has worked with a diverse range of clients, from the largest automotive and consumer product manufacturers to the visual effects and gaming companies. He’s celebrated for his talks on innovation: why it matters, why it is a vital engine of economic growth (especially today), and how to foster it within any organization—from plucky startups to billion-dollar legacy companies. Working closely with Fortune 100s, he’s counted on to create innovation practices at all stages, from strategic planning to design and implementation. Now—and with his latest book The Future of Making—he brings his vision of disruptive innovation to global audiences, demonstrating how the entire process of imagining, iterating, constructing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling products has changed—unprecendentedly. 

He’s also been a leading advocate of making work visible within a company, of transforming ideas into images that enhance clarity and engagement, leading to intelligent and successful new products, services, and processes. Thanks to Wujec, revolutionary companies unafraid of the disruptive landscape are creating profound new ways of understanding their employees, customers, markets, channels, and products. He has brought several award-winning products to market, and has published a number of influential books, including Return on Imagination, Five Star Mind, and Pumping Ions—works which have been translated into over a dozen languages. His book, Imagine Design Create, was released at TED 2011 to rave reviews.