Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ron Gilboa, group director, production technology for Keypoint Intelligence

The Materials, Technology & Design Symposium @ The CPA Fall Meeting is pleased to announce Ron Gilboa will present at the 2017 event.

With nearly 40 years of experience in graphic arts, publishing and industrial printing, Gilboa has a comprehensive view of the state of digital printing technology for decorative surfaces- where it is, how it arrived and where it is going.

Mr. Gilboa spent the better part of a decade with Eastman Kodak Company where he served in executive marketing roles including: Vice President of Marketing at Kodak’s production inkjet group, Director of Worldwide Current Marketing & Operation, and Director of Worldwide Communications. He rejoined InfoTrends, a leading worldwide market research and strategic consulting company for digital imaging, in 2013. The brand has since combined forces with Buyers Lab, an all-encompassing resource for digital imaging, to create Keypoint Intelligence.

If your company has an interest in digital printing, the application of digitally-printed decorative surfaces or how the industry is expanding to take advantage of this emerging technology- you’ll benefit from hearing what Mr. Gilboa has to say and enjoy meeting him at the Material, Technology & Design Symposium @ the Fall CPA meeting.      

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